Every online casino, but also the real ones, have different slots. The themes and symbols vary widely. These slots can be very addictive and will keep you playing despite possible big losses. That’s because these slots try to mislead the players at all times. The sounds that come with the slot machines have a certain effect on our brains.

This has been proven by a large study. You’ve probably played a slot machine before, then you’ve probably heard the huge, happy sounds that come out of the slot. This happens not only with a main prize, but also with prizes of a few cents. The manufacturer does this on purpose and the reason is logical.

It used to be different

The history of slots dives far into the past. Back then, everything was different with slots, partly because there was no internet yet. The sounds that came from the slots really indicated something. Each slot machine had only a single payline in the beginning, multiple paylines did not yet exist. If the slot machine made a noise at the time, you won a prize that was at least equal to the bet. The amount won was immediately paid out, as the money fell into a metal container under the slot machine. Nowadays, a profit sound doesn’t say much anymore, it can even be that you lose money.


Today it works a little differently, especially because of the arrival of online slots at online casinos. It is possible to choose dozens of paylines and then the chance of winning increases drastically. But remember, some prices will be very minimal. You shouldn’t be surprised if the price is only one cent. Then you will most likely still lose a small amount of money, while the slot machine produces winning sounds.

Sound fools the player

The University of Waterloo conducted research into the sounds of slot machines, led by researcher Mike J. Dixon. Nearly a hundred gamblers were surveyed, all of whom played on two exactly the same slots. Yet there was a minimal difference between the cabinets. One cabinet made noise with every prize won, the other cabinet only gave off light effects. The research showed that the heartbeat accelerated in the slot machines that made noise. It also found that nearly a quarter of gamblers overestimate their winnings on the noisy slots.

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